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THE VILLAGE: A project of economic significance

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

THE VILLAGE At North Creek has been designated A Project Of Economic Significance by the city of Thornton. This designation gives a huge boost to businesses who develop with us. You'll move through the permitting process much faster than with other ground-up developments:

No public hearings are required! "Projects of Economic Significance are handled administratively and there are NO public hearings before Thornton City Council or the Development Permit and Appeals Board. On average, this saves businesses 90 days in processing an application through the city and the additional development costs.

This modification was instituted to improve the city of Thornton’s competitiveness for the attraction of important employment and retail projects. This designation allows development of a facility from the ground-up to happen on an accelerated timeline, saving time and money

for the end-user." - City of Thornton, Colorado

THE VILLAGE at North Creek development team is thrilled to partner with the City of Thornton in building an exciting new community that will attract employers and retailers for all the residents of Thornton to enjoy.

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