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A Celebration of Modern Colorado Living

The Village at North Creek is where classic Colorado living meets a modern community of adventure-seeking, intentional, lifestyle enthusiasts.


The Village is a mixed-use development including Commercial & Residential Real Estate,-Commercial Space For Rent and

 Homes For Sale in Thornton Colorado 

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Welcome to the Village at North Creek

Explore this modern, walkable, community-oriented alternative to traditional suburban living.

Doorstep of Denver, Boulder, and the Northern Plains

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From the enticing expanse of the Western Plains to the bustling city centers of Denver and Boulder—the Village at North Creek paves a path for the best of what Colorado living has to offer. The choice is yours. Pursue new places, experiences, and opportunities—all from a community to call home.

Outdoor Recreation

Mountain Biker

Open your front door and breathe in the crisp, cool air of the Rocky Mountains. Your perfect adventure awaits. Explore the nearly endless miles of open space, trails, and parks. Every season offers a new chance to embrace the beauty of what Colorado has to offer.

Lifestyle Meets Livelihood

people eating on an outdoor patio

Live like you’re on vacation. Imagine a community that attracts young professionals, families, transplants from just about everywhere, people who have never left, and, above all, lovers of Colorado living.

A Community on the Edge of Everything

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The Village at North Creek preserves a small-town feel and introduces the benefits of modern, metropolitan Colorado living. Join us in our commitment to prosperity, innovation, adventure, and community. There’s room to grow in the Village at North Creek.

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